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Weber Group is the leading brand of developing and manufacturing of electric water heater in China, and also the global biggest production base for electric water heater with electrostatic dry powder enamel inner tank.  

Since 1997, Weber keeps focusing on manufacturing top electric water heater. The total output has exceeded 10 million. At the same time, Weber is also an OEM manufacturer for more than other 20 famous brands in China. Its products have been exported to over 37 countries and regions all around the world. 
Weber is well known for its advanced manufacturing equipments and reliable product quality in the industry. It has successfully introduced five enamel inner tank production lines from Eisenmann company in Germany, as well as the whole set of equipments from Wagner of Germany, APES of Italy and other famous international equipment manufacturers. Weber is now the company who processes the most advanced and integrated equipments in China.  

With continuous innovation and strategy upgrading, Weber is now an enterprise based on OEM business, while having three own brands business, which are Weber, Odysa and 3G. It has also built up the three manufacture bases-Gaoli in Shunde, Dafuji in Shunde, and Ma’anshan in Anhui, which can spread Weber’s business all over China. Meanwhile, the annual production capacity can be up to 5 million units of electric water heater and 500 thousand units of new energy equipment.