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Great-leap-forward Development, Glorious History 
German style manufacturing, High industry position established  
In Sept. 1997, Mr. Ou Yongyuan started up his business in Electric Water Heater Industry. 
In Nov. 2000, Shunde Weber Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd was officially founded in Shunde. 
In May. 2001, Weber plant in Dafuji was completed.  
In July. 2001, the first electrostatic dry powder enamel production line from Eisenmann Germany went to operation in China. 
In July, 2005, Company renamed itself Guangdong Weber Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. 
In November, 2006, Mr. Ou Yongyuan, chairman of the board, was awarded as “Outstanding Entrepreneur of China”.

Professional brand won market standing  
In Dec. 2006, Foshan Shunde Weber Electric Sales Co., Ltd. was founded.  
In Otc. 2007, Weber was selected as Vice President enterprise of China Enamel Industry Association. 
In Dec. 2008, Weber was selected into the first batch of National High-Tech Enterprises.  
In Dec. 2009, Weber was selected as Vice Director enterprise of Electric Water Heater Committee of China Household Electrical Appliance Association. 
In Jan. 2010, Weber R&D center became the first Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in household electric water heater industry in Guangdong. 
In Feb. 2010, Foshan Shunde Odysa Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. was founded. 
In Oct. 2013, Guangdong Weber New Energy Heating & Water Supply Equipments Co.,Ltd. was founded. 

Group development cemented industry status  
In Feb. 2008, The company moved to the Gaoli manufacture base located in Shunde National High Tech Industrial Zone.  
In May, 2010, Weber was selected as one of the Top 500 Modern Industry Projects of Guangdong  
In Dec. 2010, The trademark “Weber 威博” was officially identified as Famous Trademarks of Guangdong.  
In July. 2011, Weber Products were officially identified as Famous Brands of Guangdong. 
In Jan. 2012, Weber Group HQ building had its foundation laid.  
In Dec. 2013, Guangdong Weber Investment & Holding Group was founded, group operation officially started.  
In Mar. 2014, The foundation of Anhui Weber New Energy Heating & Water Supply Equipments settled the layout of three manufacture bases.